Black Friday & Cyber Monday Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions detail Virgin Voyages’ Black Friday & Cyber Sale 2023 Offer. 

Offer Terms. This offer has (1) a Discount and (2) a Promotional Bar Tab component.

Discount. Virgin Voyages will offer a 30% discount off all retail (base) voyage fares when combined with ‘Book Early. Save More” Offer on an Eligible Voyage when a voyage is purchased between 12:00 am midnight GTM on 16 November 2023 through 11:59 pm GMT on 30 November 2023 for Eligible Cabins on an Eligible Voyage. 

Eligibility - Eligible Cabins

Sea Terrace Meta Category cabins:
● Central Sea Terrace
● Ltd View Sea Terrace
● The Sea Terrace
● XL Sea Terrace
● Sea Terrace Lock It In Rate

Sea View Meta Category cabins
● The Sea View
● Solo Sea View
● SeaView Lock It In Rate

Insider Meta Category cabins
● The Insider
● Social Insider
● Insider Lock It In Rate

Eligible Voyages: Eligible bookings are those purchased for an eligible voyage date between 12:00 a.m. GMT on 16 November 2023 through 11:59 p.m GMT on 30 November 2023. Eligible voyage dates are those non-charter, open, revenue voyages departing from 17 November 2023 through 31 December 2024 inclusive 2024 and excluding Australia's Mermaiden Season. Season. The Australia Mermaiden Season on Resilient Lady includes all sailings between 11 December 2023
and 15 March 2024 (inclusive) which are excluded from this Offer. Charter voyages are not eligible. Note: Voyages are closed 48 hours prior to departure. That is, one may not book a voyage within 48 hours of a voyage departure.

Promotional Bar Tab. (Bar Tab) Qualified bookings will also receive a free “Bar Tab,” that is, a $600, $300, or $125 bar credit, depending on the length of voyage. An onboard credit per cabin for use at the onboard bars or restaurants for purchases of any premium drinks. The Bar Tab will be added to the lead passenger’s (i.e., “Sailor” in our marketing voice) folio. All cabin categories are eligible for the promotional Bar Tab credit. The Bar Tab during the relevant Eligible Voyage (Bar Tab), with the credit valued at:
- USD$125.00 for Eligible Voyages of 3 nights or less.
- USD$300.00 for Eligible Voyages of 4, 5 or 6 nights; or
- USD$600.00 for Eligible Voyages of 7 nights or more.


Black Friday & Cyber Sale 2023 Offer is compatible with the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club, and the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer.

Exclusions. Not combinable with internal reduced rate programs, Free Access Key Promotions, Interline Tour Rates, and Casino Tiers.

Commission Implications. The commissionable voyage fare amount for Travel Agents (or “First Mates” in our branding voice) will be on the reduced voyage fare, after
the Black Friday & Cyber Sale 2023 Offer discounts are applied.