A day on board a Virgin Voyage - Jayne's Experience 'Release your inner child'

Discover the hidden gems on board a Virgin Voyage as our graphic designer, Jayne Wiggins tells you about her recent experience on board Valiant Lady. 

Adult sized on-deck chess board:                                                                                                                                                        

"After a delicious lunch at Gunbae, I headed up to deck 16 with some colleagues where we discovered a huge chess board. As it was a gorgeous day, we decided to have an impromptu game whilst sipping on a 'Frose all day' from the Athletic Club, a refreshing frozen cocktail that went down a treat!"

The Athletic Club cat net:                                                                                                                                                                                

"If you're looking for a really cool place to take some Instagram worthy pics then this is your spot! We released our inner child when testing this one out. This is a perfect chilled spot to soak up the rays."

The Cabanas

"well, these private hideaways really are hidden gems, tucked away at the side of the ship, these offer a private space which include white wooden cabanas with double daybeds, seating and your own fridge to keep those bubbles on ice."

"Here are some other cool and quirky spots I found whilst on board":

- Lick Me Till...Ice cream

- Voyage Vinyl Record Shop

- Adult-sized seesaws

- The Athletic Club