Introducing Brilliant Lady by Virgin Voyages 

With three ships in the water by this summer, Virgin Voyages are delighted to announce that their fourth lady ship will be officially joining the epic fleet.

Welcome to the Crew, Brilliant Lady.

Like her three sisters who’ve come before, they have been incredibly thoughtful about selecting her name. Brilliance, which means both radiance and exceptional talent and intelligence, was purposefully chosen for the duality of its meaning.

So while it’s a seafaring nod to the shimmering seven seas, her name goes far beyond the vivid, incandescent glow of the sea and the inevitable post-vacation glow it's set out to give you. The Brilliant Lady represents the smart and boundary-pushing minds of women around the world — women unafraid of their own intelligence and unafraid to boldly own it. The inspirational power of being not only aware of your intelligence, but deeply proud and vocal about it.