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The Sea-Blazers Programme T&C'S 

The Sea-Blazers Programme is a new offering from Virgin Voyages that allows them to recognise and reward their first Sailors - those who will be sailing with Virgin Voyages in 2021. Virgin Voyages want to recognize this special group of Sailors, as they’ll be amongst the first to experience their cabins, eateries, Shore Things and more.

Sailors who book and sail with Virgin Voyages in 2021 will be able to take advantage of these exclusive Sea-Blazer perks and offerings below: Details

Offer Details

  • $300 off a 2022 Sailing: $300 (or £200 for bookings in GBP) per Sailor towards a future sailing in 2022, before any promotional discounts or future voyage credits (FVSs)
  • Bar Tab: $125 Bonus on us for each $300 Bar Tab purchase for life
  • VV Merch: Exclusive Virgin Voyages merchandise in their cabin/quarter on the 2021 sailing
  • Promo Code: Sea Blazers


Eligibility & Combinability

  • Eligible for paid Sailors who book and sail within 2021 (includes casino Sailors)
  • Sailings that are not eligible include 8/2/2021, 8/27/2021, any Friends & Family, Charters or highly discounted (Access Key and sweepstakes) bookings
  • The $125 Bar Tab bonus is not combinable with other Bar Tab bonuses. The Sailor will always receive a $125 bonus for any future sailing

How to redeem

  • The promotion is auto-applied to all eligible 2021 bookings (regardless of channel used to book).
  • Once the Sailor is ready to book their 2022 sailing, they will simply book and apply the $300 discount FVC to the new booking.
  • When booking Bar Tab, the Sea-Blazer tag will appear on the Sailor’s ClientID. Therefore, the $125 bonus will follow with the Sea-Blazer for all future bookings.


 Ground Rules

  • Only one Sea-Blazer $300 discount (UK Sailors £200 discount) may be used per future reservation in 2022.
  • The Sea-Blazer promotion is combinable with everything except other Bar Tab Bonuses. The Sailor will always receive a $125 BarTab bonus, even if Virgin Voyages are publicly running $50 or $100 Bar Tab bonus.
  • Those paying in currencies other than USD or GBP will have their local currency converted to $300 USD.

Terms & Conditions


Who is eligible to become a Sea-Blazer?

Any paying Sailor embarking on Scarlet Lady in a 2021voyage (excluding charter voyages, “Friends & Family” voyages, Access Key and sweep stakes bookings).

Will existing bookings receive the Sea-Blazer status?

Yes! All eligible bookings will automatically be updated.

Is Sea-Blazers combinable with other offers and programmes?

This promotional offer is combinable with all other discount FVCs, promotions, etc.  However, only one Sea-Blazer $300 discount (UK Sailors will get a £200 discount) may be used per future reservation in 2022.

Can I apply multiple Sea-Blazers discounts to a future 2022 sailing?

Sailors may only use one Sea-Blazer $300 FVC per cabin.

How do you redeem your Bar Tab bonus?

The Bar Tab $125 bonus will be automatically applied once the Sea-Blazer adds (purchases) Bar Tab to their bookings. Sea-Blazers will automatically receive the $125 bonus on their existing 2021 voyage and every future voyage for life.

What if a Sailor has multiple 2021 bookings?

The Sailor will receive one $300 discount coupon for each 2021 booking. Only one discount coupon can be used at a time.

What if we are running a Bar Tab promotion? Will the Sea-Blazer still receive the $125 bonus?

The Sea-Blazer Bar Tab Bonus is combinable with everything except other Bar Tab bonuses; you get $125 Bar Tab bonus no matter what, even if we are publicly running $50 or $100 Bar Tab Bonus. The $125 bonus does not stack with other Bar Tab Bonuses.

How do you redeem the $300 off?

Once a Sailor is ready to book their 2022 sailing and take advantage of their $300 credit (£200 for UK), they can simply apply the Future Voyage Credit to their new booking by contacting our Sailor Services Crew.

When does the Sea-Blazer $300 off become available?

When the Sailor books their 2021 booking, the Sea-Blazer $300 coupon will be added to their account.

 (Internal only: FVC will be attached to the Sailor’s client ID in Seaware)

What if a Sailor cancels their 2021 booking after their coupon is used?

The $300 Sea-Blazer coupon will need to be removed from the 2022 booking before cancelling the 2021 booking.